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  • Clerici has been in the manufacturing business for over 30 years.
  • They have taken their expertise in the poultry industry, producing quality, reliable and efficient equipment, and applied it to the rabbit industry.
  • This expertise includes sophisticated automation in feeding and manure removal systems.
  • They regularly consult with several growers with 1000-2000 does to improve the design of their equipment.
  • Growers I visited in Italy commented that "This equipment was the BEST in Italy". Italy is the Largest modernized meat rabbit producer in the world with about 4 million producing does.
  • Clerici equipment provides the best value for your money.
  • Equipment life is up to double that of conventional equipment. (15 years under commercial conditions.)
  • Due to the unique design of the maternity cages, production per doe can be up to double that of conventional cages. (North American averages of 26 fryers per doe to market per year compared to 49-50 for Italy, France and Spain) I visited a rabbitry in Italy where the average was 58 on a herd of 1200 does.
  • Cost per year of cage use is less.
  • Equipment cost per fryer produced is less.
  • All wire mesh used is GAW (galvanized after weld or double dipped) providing up to double the cage life over WGW (welded galvanized wire).
  • All other components are high quality material.
  • Quality workmanship provides an excellent appearance and fit.
  • Clerici cages can provide a significant labor saving in manure handling over trays. Use shavings on the floor with a weekly clean out. The use of heavy plastic sheeting under the cages is possible where the floor surface is not impervious to liquids.
  • Animals benefit by being further away from ammonia causing urine.
  • A plastic floor option is available on the 2 and 3 deck models. A few of these cages can aid in the treatment of sore hocks in the early stages. Plastic floors stay relatively clean on top, but are not as convenient for thorough cleaning as wire floors.
  • For large rabbitries, automatic manure removal equipment can be feasible. This consists of cable driven pit scrapers powered by electric drive units. High quality European motors, control panels and sensors are used. These are converted to work with our N.A. power supply.
  • For large rabbitries, automatic feeding is also available.
  • Clerici cages are suitable for all rabbits, from the small breeds up to and including New Zealands, with the exception of the Giant breeds and others with special requirements.
  • Various options in floor mesh and feeders are available.
  • With the modular design and various options, virtually any rabbitry can be designed and supplied, from the small show breeder to the large commercial operation.